About Cari McGee

IMG_6295My husband and I came to the Tri-Cities in 1994, and we thought it would be a temporary stop on our way to larger cities. My husband was a television sports anchor at the time, and we planned to go wherever the “next step up” took us.

Twenty-plus years later, we’re still here and we’ve loved every minute of it!

We have two children now, and we’ve found it’s a wonderful place to raise a family. I wish I could say it’s a great place to do outdoorsy things. Well, I can say it, because it is true, but it’s not something I can say from experience. I prefer reading, indoors … by a cozy fire in the winter or a beautiful picture window in the summer (with the A/C on!).

Immediately upon moving to the area, I scoped out the location of all the local libraries. The Columbia Center Mall, at the time, had two small bookstores. Now, there’s only one huge mega-store (Barnes & Noble), but that’s just fine with me! There are plenty of used book stores dotted around the community, too. If you like to read, there is no shortage of material here! If you get really desperate, you can drive to the north end of Columbia Center Blvd. and read the blurb on the fence about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Passing the REALTOR® licensing exam entailed a lot of reading. Everyday, my job requires a lot of reading. I get to sketch floorplans (I wanted to be an architect when I was little), research financing, talk to all kinds of people, and smile! I was made for this job!

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